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  1. REMIT TO - Payments should be mailed to this address.
  2. Account # - Your billing account number. If the products are shipped to a different location other than to the purchaser’s billing account, there will also be a ship-to account number listed in the body of the invoice.
  3. Date - Date of the notice.
  4. Invoice #/Credit Memo # - Number associated with the transaction.
  5. Process Date - The date the transaction occurred.
  6. Qty/User - Number of product items or subscription users in an order.
  7. Term/Edition - Subscription start date and end date. For a non-subscription item, it specifies which edition was ordered.
  8. Age - How many days this item is past due.
  9. Additional Shipping Location(s) Display - Field to show other shipping locations than main billing address when transactions ship to more than one office for an account.
  10. Transaction Detail at Product Level, Including Credits and Adjustments - See how an activity is applied to a product within an invoice/transaction. Note: An invoice often includes multiple products.
  11. Total Balance Due - Clearly see your balance due for all transactions/invoices that are 60 or more days past due.
  12. Questions about your invoice? - Identifies the 24/7 Customer Help Center support website and 800 Customer Support Center phone number.