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  1. REMIT TO - Payments should be mailed to this address.
  2. FED ID# - Identifies Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting) Inc. federal tax identification number.
  3. Account # - Your billing account number. If the products are shipped to a different location other than to the purchaser’s billing account, there will also be a ship-to account number listed in the body of the invoice.
  4. Invoice # - Identifies this particular invoice.
  5. Types of invoices -

    INVOICE – You will receive an invoice for new purchases that are billed annually. Note: If you have not paid your invoice within 30 days, you will receive a past due notice.
    ADVANCE RENEWAL INVOICE – Sent approximately 90 days before your subscription expires.
    RENEWAL REMINDER INVOICE – Sent 75 days before your subscription expires.
    CONSOLIDATED INVOICE – Sent when you contact us to combine multiple invoices into a single document, or when you request a current copy of an invoice.
    INSTALLMENT INVOICE – Sent when you have agreed to pay for your order in two or more payments. Note: To pay by installment, call Customer Service at 800-431-9025.
  6. Due Date - Indicates when your payment is due: “DUE UPON RECEIPT,” for example, or by a specific date on Advance Renewal and Renewal Reminder invoices.
  7. PO # - A number appears here if there is a valid purchase order number or if the invoice was generated from our previous billing system. For the latter, the purchase order number is the order number from the previous billing system.
  8. Description - Describes the product(s) that you purchased.
  9. Term/Edition - Identifies the term length dates of subscription products or the specific edition of a non-subscription product.
  10. Total - Includes the unit price, minus the discount (Disc), plus shipping & handling (S & H), and tax.
  11. TOTAL DUE - Includes the sum of all charges on this invoice. In this example, TOTAL DUE of $7,039.43 is the sum of all five product line items ($3456.10 + $2745.00 + $331.70 + $199.00 + $307.63).
  12. Questions about your invoice? - Identifies the 24/7 Customer Help Center support website and 800 Customer Support Center phone number.
  13. Invoice Level Message - Appears whenever there is a custom message related to the invoice.